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    The Empire District Electric Company offers energy efficiency programs to meet the needs of our business customers. These programs provide a means to reduce operating costs and increase efficiency concepts that are key components to operating successful businesses. Through these programs, Empire gives incentives to help lower the cost of identifying and purchasing energy-efficient equipment for use in your facilities. Examples of equipment that might be rebated are high-efficiency lighting, air conditioning, heating systems, motors, refrigeration, energy managements systems, and just about anything else that uses electricity.

    Commercial/Industrial Energy Audit

    An energy audit of your facility can help identify how to improve energy efficiency. Customers who have an energy audit performed by an Empire certified auditor are eligible for a rebate to cover up to 50% of the cost of the audit. Audit rebates are provided once a customer installs energy efficient equipment that has been recommended in the resulting Audit Report. Learn more . . .

    Commercial/Industrial Rebate Programs

    The Empire District Electric Arkansas Commercial and Industrial Rebate Programs provide rebates to customers who purchase high-efficiency equipment for their facilities. Not only do customers receive monetary incentives from Empire District toward their purchases, but they also lower their energy costs! There are two rebate programs, each one designed to fit the needs of different types of customers:

    • Prescriptive Rebates: Any commercial or industrial customer may apply for a prescriptive rebate for lighting, HVAC, chillers, and electric motors, including variable frequency drives. Learn more . . .
    • Custom Rebate for Retrofits: Any customer who plans to replace equipment in an existing facility with high-efficiency equipment that does not qualify for the prescriptive rebate can obtain a custom rebate for a retrofit project. You can also apply for individual efficiency measures, or combine energy-efficiency measures and equipment in any way that makes sense for your facility. Learn more . . .