Energy Efficiency Programs

Energy Audit Program

Energy audits provide customers with a comprehensive analysis of their building energy use and recommendations on ways to reduce energy costs and improve energy efficiency. Audits usually consider all major end-uses including lighting, motors, HVAC, refrigeration and water heating.

Empire offers rebates to customers to cover up to 50% of the cost of an energy audit up to $500. In order to receive the rebate, customers must implement at least one of the audit recommendations that qualifies for an Empire equipment rebate. Customers with multiple buildings will be eligible for multiple audit rebates.

A copy of the audit report must be submitted with the rebate application in order to qualify for the audit rebate.

The audit must be performed by an Empire certified energy auditor. The customer is responsible for contracting with and paying the auditor. Audit rebates will be paid directly to the customer. The customer is also responsible for selecting the auditor. Empire does not warrant or guarantee the auditor's work product. If your auditor is not on this list, they may call 800.639.0077 ext. 6177 to be certified and added to the list.

Custom Rebate Application & Worksheets

Prescriptive Rebate Application & Worksheets