Energy Efficiency Programs

Custom Rebate Retrofit Program

The Custom Rebate Retrofit Program provides customers with financial incentives for installing qualifying electric savings measures including HVAC systems, motors, variable speed drives, lighting, building controls, pumps, etc. Energy efficiency measures must be installed in an existing facility. Customers may apply for individual or multiple efficiency measures within the same facility. Pre-approval is required for custom rebate applications.

Applications will first be evaluated to determine eligibility for the Prescriptive Rebate Program. If eligible, prescriptive rebates will apply.

All custom rebate applications are individually analyzed to ensure that they pass the Total Resource Cost Test. Any measure that is pre-approved (evaluated prior to being installed) must produce a Total Resource Test result of 1.0 or higher. In addition, the project's incremental payback must be greater than two years.

Custom rebates are calculated as the lesser of the following:

  • A buydown to a two year payback
  • 50% of the incremental cost
  • $0.30 per kWh savings
One customer may submit multiple rebate applications for different measures. Each individual measure will be evaluated on its own merits. Similar measures that are proposed in different facilities or buildings will be evaluated separately. Customers, including those with multiple facilities or buildings, are limited to $20,000 in total incentive payments per year.

Rebate Applications and Guidelines
Custom Rebate Application & Worksheets